Our Startup Pivot: How And Why We Did It

According to a recent forbes.com article, 15-20% of startups pivot from their initial business plan. It’s good to know we’re not alone.

Almost twelve months ago I launched Dovetail Team Building and Training with the intention of creating corporate programs that were fun, impactful, and designed to improve participant's work lives. 

It’s been a wonderful year, and we’ve had a great time facilitating our leadership development and communication workshops, and hosting a wide range of team building events. As i reflected on 2015, I realized that

Our events were fun, and our workshops were engaging, but our programs weren't having the long-term or deep impact that                                          I dreamed of when I launched the company.

One of the best things about being a one-year-old is that learning is inevitable and unending. Just as a one year old child can’t stop themselves from learning to walk, no matter how many times they fall down, we can’t give up on fulfilling our vision. We want our programs to make a real difference in the companies we work with.

So, we’re pivoting. We’ll continue to follow the lean startup model of learn → build → measure → learn, and we'll continue on this cycle as our programs evolve to better serve our clients.

Dovetail Team Building and Training is becoming Dovetail Canada. Our mission is the same, to help you build your company culture and boost your bottom line, but our strategy has changed.

We’re looking forward to helping our clients truly build their unique company cultures. We’ll do this by forming meaningful relationships with small to midsize companies, and working with them as Directors of Culture-For-Hire (“DOC’s for hire). For organizations that already have an in-house culture development champion, we’re offering our culture assessments, culture route mapping, and our culture development workshops that are just as much fun and experiential, as they are impactful.

We'll still be hosting fun and entertaining team building events, but now they'll be part of a larger strategy to help our clients build their company culture.

Thanks for an amazing 2015, we can’t wait to grow with you in 2016 and beyond.

- Alexis, Founder of Dovetail Canada