Culture Labx Toronto: Building A Culture of 'A Players'

Last night we hosted the inaugural Culture Labx Toronto (CLxTO) event at Achievers with our partners at The event brought together startup founders, employees, and culture practitioners from Toronto and Waterloo for drinks, pizza, mindful snacks, mingling, and a great keynote and Q&A by Razor Suleman, founder of Achievers and CEO of NextCanada.

Culture Labx is a global community of founders, designers, and practitioners who focus on the topic of culture as the backbone of the future of work. Culture Labx started in San Fransisco in 2013 and has culture communities around the world, including London, New York, Chicago, San Fransisco, and now Toronto.

All proceeds from CLxTO events will be donated to Ladies Learning Code in Toronto, in support of youth programs. 

We're planning bi-monthly CLxTO meetups in Toronto, and eventually Waterloo with the intention of bringing together founders, leaders, and culture practitioners to support each other in developing and scaling outstanding, high performance company culture. We'd love YOUR input or feedback to make this the most impactful and rewarding experience for every attendee, please contact us or leave a comment at the end of this post with any ideas or suggestions for future events, as well as suggested speakers, event topics, and venues. 

Thanks to our sponsors from Mercatus Technologies, Perry + Currier Inc./ Currier + Kao LLP, Beaus Organic, Southbrook Vineyards, Mindful Snacks, Now Creative Group, and Achievers. Cheers to our community partners OneEleven, DMZ, WorkTango, Ladies Learning Code, and TemboStatus!

Check out the highlights from last night in this selection of tweets from attendees, and our media partners at Now Creative Group: