Office Olympics


Experience the fun and thrills of the Olympics, without a lifetime of professional sports training!

In this customized event teams will compete in a series of Olympic-themed challenges, designed to engage and entertain every participant.


Our Approach:

Our team building events are:

  • Fun and Experiential: Our events are lively, fun, hands-on, and inquiry based, and designed to create lasting and memorable “ah ha” moments for every participant.  

  • Tailor Made: We tailor all of our core workshops and retreats to meet your team’s unique needs, and offer fully customized workshops and retreats for groups of 5 to 300 participants.

  • Easy To Plan: Complete our quick and easy online planning form, and then sit back and relax while we handle all of the details of your workshop or retreat.

What’s Included?

  • Pre-event consultation call
  • Support with venue and catering bookings
  • All event materials, supplies, and food
  • Professional Facilitator(s)
  • Post-event participant survey
  • Event photos

Logistics & Details

  • This event is 2- hours long, for groups of 5-300 participants of all fitness and ability levels. 
  • This event requires a private indoor or outdoor space, large enough to accommodate the entire group, standing around six to ten large tables.

  • There are no chairs required for this activity, as the challenges are all moderately active in nature. If this event takes place outdoors, it is best held in a location where all participants can hear the lead facilitator (with the aid of a loudspeaker or megaphone, when necessary).

  • This event can be facilitated with or without the use of technology (in the case of a remote location or outdoor venue)

how it works

  • At the beginning of the event your Dovetail Lead Facilitator will provide a short briefing with game instructions, and then divide participants into pre-determined teams of 7-8 people, with each team representing a country of their choice.

  • Teams are encouraged to create and share a country-specific cheer, before being paired off to compete in a series of Olympic-themed games, located at stations around the venue.

  • At each station, Dovetail facilitators provide game instructions and demonstrations, and give teams a few minutes to determine the best strategy for earning the highest score at the station.

  • Every participant is included in every activity, so no one is left out of the action and excitement.

office olympics challenge example:

Olympic "Team Table Tennis" Event

In this entertaining version of "table tennis", each team will divide into "servers" and "rebounders".  Servers will use a table tennis paddle to hit Ping-Pong balls to the rebounders on their team. The rebounders will use small boards to shoot the Ping-Pong balls into their team's bucket. Points will be awarded based on the number of balls successfully rebounded into each team's bucket.

beneftis of participation

  • Encourages group decision making
  • Enhances team bonding and helps participants develop familiarity with every colleague
  • Improves communication
  • Increases collaboration
  • Eases tension and encourages laughter and relaxation among colleagues


The teambuilding investment for Office Olympics begins at $2500, and varies depending on a number of factors, including the group size, customization, and location.

Investments are negotiable for qualified charitable organizations and non-profits.