Minute To Win It


Based on the hit TV game show "Minute to Win It", teams work together to complete a series of entertaining and seemingly-simple challenges in a race against the clock.


Our Approach:

Our team building events are:

  • Fun and Experiential: Our events are lively, fun, hands-on, and inquiry based, and designed to create lasting and memorable “ah ha” moments for every participant.  

  • Tailor Made: We tailor all of our core workshops and retreats to meet your team’s unique needs, and offer fully customized workshops and retreats for groups of 5 to 300 participants.

  • Easy To Plan: Complete our quick and easy online planning form, and then sit back and relax while we handle all of the details of your workshop or retreat.

What’s Included?

  • Pre-event consultation call
  • Support with venue and catering bookings
  • All event materials, supplies, and food
  • Professional Facilitator(s)
  • Post-event participant survey
  • Event photos

Logistics & Details

  • This event is 2- hours long, for groups of 5-300 participants of all fitness and ability levels. 
  • This event requires a private indoor or outdoor space, large enough to accommodate the entire group, standing around six to ten large tables.

  • There are no chairs required for this activity, as the challenges are all moderately active in nature. If this event takes place outdoors, it is best held in a location where all participants can hear the lead facilitator (with the aid of a loudspeaker or megaphone, when necessary).

  • This event can be facilitated with or without the use of technology (in the case of a remote location or outdoor venue)

how it works

  • At the beginning of the event your Dovetail Lead Facilitator will provide a short briefing with game instructions, and then divide participants into teams of 8-10 people.
  • Next, teams will be paired off to compete in a series of seemingly simple 60-second challenges, located at stations around the event area.
  • At each station, Dovetail facilitators will provide challenge instructions and demonstrations, and give teams a few minutes to determine the best strategy for earning the highest score possible in just one minute!
  • When the minute of game play is over, and the teams have competed in their challenges, the lead facilitator will direct all participants to move on to their next challenge station.
  • Every participant will be included in all of the challenges, so no one is left out of the action and excitement.
  • This program can be customized to include games unique to your organization.

beneftis of participation

  • Encourages group decision making
  • Enhances team bonding and helps participants develop familiarity with every colleague
  • Improves communication
  • Increases collaboration
  • Eases tension and encourages laughter and relaxation among colleagues


The teambuilding investment for Minute To Win It, begins at $2500, and varies depending on a number of factors, including the group size, customization, and location.

Investments are negotiable for qualified charitable organizations and non-profits.